“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”

I don’t want to bore anyone — including myself — so here are the basics as they pertain to my journey in the crazy world of OCR’s.

I was fat, yep, put on the college 15 and then some. Unfortunately, I wasted a good portion of my “younger years” overweight. I put that in quotes because I honestly feel younger and healthier now!

I joined a gym in 2000 — best decision ever! Ran my first 5 mile race in 2006 in honor of my cousin — I hated every minute of it— when I finished, I layed on the grass, said that sucked, and vowed to NEVER do it again. Well, a year went by, and I did do it again and again….

Then, a friend said I should try this event called Mudathlon–I looked at the website and signed up on the spot! This was definitely more my kind of race — Mud, Obstacles, Beer — heck yeah!! Needless to say, I LOVED it! I did the Indy event and the Valpo event that year, and craved more.

I continued to run a little too, and the next year completed my first half marathon, and stacked up 12 events before my year was complete –including a Mudathlon, a Warrior Dash, and a Rebel Race. The addiction had begun.

And that brings us to this year…more focused than ever and more obsessed. After completing a very intense, raw and epic Spartan Race, I became active with an OCR group, Corn Fed, and my life has been forever changed…..but I will get into that later….

My favorite quote is how I live my life:  “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” …. I will always try!


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